Free Stock Mouse Pointers

I needed some high resolution mouse cursors for a mockup I was doing, and was unable to find any stock/clipart on the web…so I made some and scaled them to a few sizes. Enjoy.

White Mouse Cursors

Black Mouse Pointers

Creative Commons License
Mouse Pointers by Nikhil Bobb is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

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15 Responses to “Free Stock Mouse Pointers”

  1. andrew Says:

    Thanks I needed some to. I do web manuals and the mouse cursor disappears when i take a screen shot. these are just what i needed

  2. Ashley Hill Says:

    Thanks Nik,

    I have to put together tutorials on how to use the front end of our Joomla! site for staff. Silly PC doesn’t have an easy option for keeping cursors in my screen shot. Thanks for the help!

  3. thegreenone Says:


    i noticed that you have made some stock mouse pointers. i’ve been searching high and low for a larger mouse cursor for my 30″ monitor. it seems that those files you have are not in the .cur format. how would i make those into that format?


  4. nikhilb Says:

    @thegreenone I didn’t really intend for these to be used in .cur format. But if you create a version, I’d be happy to post it with credit.

  5. kadavy Says:

    Thanks, nikki!!!

    Just found this through google. Weird.

  6. ila Says:

    Fabulous! Amazing work dude =)

  7. aprigliano Says:

    Thanks so much you for this. Saved me precious time!

  8. james Says:

    thanks man im trin to make some screen shot of my website and the cursor kept disapearing thanks

  9. BD Says:

    Anyone know how to make this art transparent so it shows just the white arrow on a .bmp or .jpg background? I only have MS Paint, MSOffice, Publisher


  10. Jason Says:

    Many thanks for the time taken and the share! Nice work.

  11. Jason Says:

    Many thanks for the time taken and the share! Nice work.

  12. mazino Says:

    thanx man

  13. Lauren Says:

    Thnx! Thats rlly cool

  14. sammyF Says:

    thanks a lot. Doing a few mockups right now and that’s exactly what I needed :)

  15. Steven Says:

    Thanks for the share, hope you won’t mind me using this in my game!

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