United States map including lakes and states – royalty free

January 3rd, 2012 by nikhilb

Generated with some custom code on Coast.

Click through the image for the high resolution version.

A royalty free map of the United States including it's Lakes

Totally free and in the public domain for any use whatsoever.

World Political map – royalty free

December 30th, 2011 by nikhilb

Finally got some time to code, and the result of the new version of coast is a world outline political map showing country borders. Royalty free and public domain for any use whatsoever, and derived from the world micro data bank II.

Click through the image for the high resolution version.

A high resolution world political map including all country borders. It is totally royalty free for any use whatsoever,

Singapore glitch map and datascape is open source

September 22nd, 2011 by nikhilb

Datascape, the visualization engine that powers n96.org is now open source. To celebarate I’m showing you a glitchy map of Singapore I made when I was first trying to graph the paths of the Singaporean population. The mistake I made here was to display all the vertices of the graph as vectors from the origin. It looked decent.

Glitchy map of Singapore I made during one of my experiments.

India Map

June 22nd, 2011 by nikhilb

I made an India Map using my project coast. It includes India’s shoreline and political boundaries. Totally royalty free and public domain for any use whasoever.

royalty free map of india - includes international political boundaries and shoreline

Free world shoreline maps

May 7th, 2011 by nikhilb

Here are some world maps I made using this shoreline data over the last 3 weekends. The original data is in the public domain, and so in turn the images are completely free to use for any purpose.

I haven’t yet projected the data (eg. mercator), so don’t consider the sizes accurate. All maps were made in javascript using processing-js. The data is loaded directly from a large json data file and is usable as static content without any server side support.

The code used here is available on github and is totally free to use for any purpose.

Full map (click to zoom)

a free world map made from public domain shoreline data

More fun version (click to zoom)

Intermediate (click to zoom)